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Everlink Micro

Everlink Micro is our single pump fluid management system. It comes in a surface mount enclosure with our intuitive cloud-based Everlink management software. Comes in mains power or low voltage options. 


  • Full stainless steel construction.
  • Back lit stainless steel keypad.
  • 128 x 64 monochrome graphics LCD screen.
  • Built in RFID reader.
  • Surface mount or flush mount versions.
  • Single pump support as standard. Not expandable.
  • Real-time (online) intuitive management software.
  • Seamless integration with most existing and new pumping equipment.
  • Multiple ID types can be used on a single system, pins,RFID, fuel cards, Bluetooth tags, and manual entry of asset numbers.

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In the beginning Fuel Storage refurbished old tanks and was a distributor for the other tank manufacturing companies across the country.